Monday, January 2, 2012

A quick 'hi' from Rwanda.

After a not too uncomfortable 11 hours ride by bus from Kampala, I just arrived in Kigali (the capital of Rwanda). To be more precise, at the moment I'm at the airport. Because my bag got lost somewhere on the way to Entebbe and I'm on transit to Congo, I arranged for the bag to be send from Entebbe to Kigali Aiport - so that Neelan can pick it up when he arrives here this Wednesday. To be better safe than sorry I took a taxi-motorbike from the bus-station to the aiport and talked with the lost luggage-folks to make sure that Neelan can pick up my bag without problems. After some paperwork, all is good. Actually things are really good given that I haven't been carrying my heavy bag around. :). The bus to Congo leaves in a bit: another 7 hours in a bus and we're back in the DRC!

Random things:
1. Yesterday in Kampala was great. Sitting on the back of taxi-motorbikes and crossing through town: Fantastic!
2. During the bus-ride from Kampala to Kigali I met Amiina - he is a statistician for the Rwandan government and works at their statistics office. He said he could give me access to datasets: Awesome!
3. I might be evil. Yesterday at the Kampala Coach Office I had to wait for an hour or so before boarding the bus. While buying a bottle of water an overweight lady pushed herself in front of me and gave me a very arrogant look. A little later after buying the bottle of water and sat down to wait for the bus the legs of a chair of a man who was sitting in front of me bended and he fell (the legs were plastic and the floor was very slippery so the legs gave way). Several minutes later the overweight lady arrived. Not having seen the man falling she took the chair to sit in it. Instead of saying something, I leaned back, crossed my arms and with an enormous smile on my face I saw her go down and even taking the whole table with her. :). That was fantastic! I have a smile on my face while writing this.
4. Eleven hours in a bus is boring and given the quality of the roads I also couldn't fall asleep. So I wrote a post on what is in my bag with the idea of having a post on "What to Pack When Doing Fieldwork". Soon to be posted.

FYI: My phone here: +250782110197

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