Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A quick note.

A quick note from Kigali Airport; I'm boarding my plane to Kamembe in a few minutes. At arrival - I hope - an IRC 4x4 will take me across the border.

Up to now all is going well; without delays we did Amsterdam -> Nairobi -> Bujumbura (Burundi) -> Kigali (Rwanda). The only thing worrying was that the flight attendent from Kenya Airlines kept on saying during her safety talk: "In the likely event we loose cabine pressure, ...". :)

Two quick other things. First, I got an email this morning from Dan De Lorenzo. He produced a film from footage gathered in August while he was on mission for UN OCHA. He sent me the video, but I don't have bandwidth to download it. The film premier is this Friday, 12-2, at a policy forum at the International Peace Institute. Secondly, I should actually use Twitter; knowing there is so often no internet connection.

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