Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Mapping Migration" Data Online.

Between January and August 2012 data was collected from 4,015 households from 24 villages in the Buhavu chiefdom of Congo's South Kivu province. The data, with information about 8,199 individuals, includes: complete individual-level migration histories (from where, when, why, to where, etc.), village-level NGO and project histories, household-level information about contributions to public goods projects, and much more.

The data is available at:

The dataset comes at three levels and can be downloaded in .zip format:
  1. Household level: 4,015 units. Size and format: 69 MB and .dta.
  2. Individual level: 8,199 units. Size and format: 97 MB and .dta.
  3. Movement level: 18,275 units. Size and format: 128 MB and .dta.
The website also includes all the instruments (surveys, protocols, etc.) used to collect the data.

This data is being used, among others, for my job market paper. However, to make my contribution to research on Congo and migration as large as possible, I make this data available publicly for everybody to use.

For any comments, questions, or errors, do please send me an email at:


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