Thursday, July 4, 2013

After many months...

a blog post.

It has been quiet for one major reason: I haven't been in the field yet this year. Yes, I miss Africa. I've kept myself busy though over the last months. Four activities stand out:
  1. Spring semester 2013 I TA-ed at Columbia for the course "Advanced Topics in Quantitative Research: Limited and Qualitative Dependent Variables" (more here). With the students we worked through the models in detail, and then coded it up in R. I learned a lot. 
  2. I've been presenting my work at different conferences: I'm at ten already this year and counting. The most recent two were EPSA (Barcelona, June 20-22) and the Peace Science Conference (Milan, June 24-26). The next one is APSA (Chicago, end-August).
  3. With Neelan (Columbia), Ty (Chicago) and Maarten (Wageningen) we collected data in Sierra Leone. We wrote the design (we pre-registered the study at EGAP), and set up the computer code for analysis. The data is in since a month, so a paper will be written soon.
  4. Very important, I have been working on my jobmarket paper in recent months. At the end of the year I'll be on the infamous academic "jobmarket", and need something to show of my skills. Writing this is very enjoyable, and while doing so I am analyzing the data collected in the Congo in recent years and come across interesting research articles written by colleagues -- it is largely because of this that I'll be adding posts to this blog again in the weeks to come.

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