Thursday, November 29, 2012

Not Random Links.

  1. A very interesting read: "Broaden Your Horizons by Randomizing Your Reading Material" (h/t Ali). Since reading "The Diceman" by George Cockcroft (on the right below "BOOKS THAT MADE AN IMPACT ON ME") I have a random number generator on my phone that is normally used to select what to eat from a menu. And, now I'm here in the Netherlands, whether I should go to University by bike or foot (the latter is more healthy, but takes 15 minutes longer).
  2. Pics from the WGAPE meeting last May at UC Berkeley.
  3. The movie "Stealing Africa" on Dutch TV: info here. Why Zambia doesn't profit from higher prices of copper. Answer: the big foreign companies earn the money and avoid paying tax in Zambia. (h/t Maarten)
  4. This is brilliant. A randomly generated math paper was accepted to the "Advances in Pure Mathematics". Read also the reviews by the referees: a.o. "We can’t catch the main thought from this abstract." Duh!
  5. Interesting read about the administor-faculty ratio at universities. Mmm. Maybe I should become an administrator. They also seem to earn more. (h/t Jenn)
  6. Interesting post on iRevolution on the use of email data to estimate international migration rates. See also this for very interesting work done by Blumenstock in Rwanda by making use of cellphones.  

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