Saturday, November 24, 2012

As events are unfolding in and around Goma.

A blog about the Congo, and mainly about my experiences in Eastern Congo, and I still haven't written about the current events taking place in and around Goma. Well, there are people reporting about this in a much more informed and better way than I could ever do. Please follow among others @texasinafrica; @jasonkstearns; @kvlassen; and @schlindweinsim on Twitter about how events are unfolding.

Today yet another expat friend safely arrived in Bujumbura. I'm happy about that. Unfortunately, my Congolese enumerators, many of them I now consider friends, are still in the area. Yesterday one of them uploaded the picture and text below on Facebook:

"Merci de prier pour la fin de la guerre en Rd Congo. Pensez à tous ces enfants abandonnées, sans parents ... Clique J'aime et écris ta prière en faveur de ce pays au coeur de l'Afrique. Que Dieu vienne en aide mon pays la RD Congo !!!"

With some of them (both Goma and Bukavu) I'm in almost daily contact and they're doing ok. I don't belief much in praying as the quote wants us to do, but I do hope that: 1) President Kagama has told and keeps on telling the M23 to "behave", and that 2) the FARDC and others do not go on pillage (and worse) sprees.

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