Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I'm about to take a plane to Berlin, and then tomorrow back to NYC! Hereby a quick post with some links:
  • Notes from NASA's Curiosity on Mars. "I've got a nuclear-powered laser and control of an entire planet… so I'm essentially a Bond villain. #suckit007. Smart little fellow. More here (h/t Ali);
  • "DRC: Bushmeat blamed for Ebola outbreak". Mmm. Maybe I should cut down on eating monkey. Old blogpost here, and an old picture of my bike while doing fieldwork in Maniema, Congo (FYI: I only ate it once):

  • Yesterday I watched "Inside Job" by Charles Ferguson. A 2011 documentary about the current financial crisis. It's a must-watch. Trailer:

  • Last week, OCHA released 500 free humanitarian symbols on both ReliefWeb and the Noun Project websites. More here. This is "carjacking":

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