Friday, August 17, 2012

Random Things.

Four very random things:

1. Some solid Irish commentary at the London Olympics. Despite the bad video quality, it's definitely worth watching. (h/t Pierce)

2. This is lovely. CNN's Soledad O'Brien taking on somebody from the Romney campaign.

3. Beautiful photos at WIRED: Mars-Inspired Art as commissioned by NASA:

4. We've got -- yet again -- elections coming up in the Netherlands: September 12. There is a website that helps Dutch people: Kieswijzer. Based on your reply to 30 statements it will tell you what party to vote for. Last elections over 4 million people made use of this website -- almost 1/3rd of the Dutch electorate! Instead of this being great, isn't it really very scary. Our decisions depending on a reply to only 30 statements and an algorithm that we don't know. It reminded me of a thought-provocing article in NewScientist how algorithms are -- without us noticing it -- taking over more and more of our lives.

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