Tuesday, July 10, 2012

If you're looking for great enumerators in Eastern Congo?

Chris asking for directions to locals. Enumerators often
spend days getting from one village to the next.

We worked with an excellent group of almost 100 enumerators for about 18 months in South Kivu, Maniema, Tanganyika and Haut Katanga, DRC. These enumerators are:
  • Well-trained: Raul and me did this ourselves for months in 2010 (see eg here);
  • All-round: They know how to conducts surveys (ours was very complicated: here the design document), list-experiments, general assemblies, focus groups, etc. They also drive motorbikes and use PDAs and GPS devices. 
  • Experienced: They worked in some of the world's harshest (especially transport and disease-wise) and insecure conditions -- often being away from larger villages for weeks;
  • Trustworthy: After working 18 months closely together with them (often spending nights in a row in the field together), I know them well and trust them.
They are on the look out for new work. Given its Congo, even this extra-ordinary group of people has difficulties finding jobs! They come with our highest recommendation. Please find contact information here. Also feel free to take up contact with me for more information. These guys are really amazing.

Chris conducting a general assembly.

Mapendo conducting a survey.

Luc and Edison entering a new village in Maniema.

Venant driving on some lovely Congolese roads.
(FYI: this is actually quite an ok road. Often the
the guys walk with the motorbike next to them)


  1. Don't suppose you know where to find any good women enumerators?

  2. Hi Laura,

    I just uploaded also the details for our South Kivu and Maniema Teams, and of those 11/41 are women.

    Am quite sure that each of the enumerators (whether man or women) would be able to recommend more, good female enumerators.


  3. Almost forgot. We worked together with professors from local universities to recruit enumerators: one in Bukavu for South Kivu and Maniema, and one in Lubumbashi for Haut Katanga and Tanganyika. Then after the training we selected a subset of them. I can put you in touch if you want. P

  4. Wish I had stumbled across this information three weeks ago! Just finishing a government funded evaluation and had to train up our own team for scratch. Would have been great to have had a leg up before we arrived - K