Friday, July 27, 2012

From Brussels to... Congo?

Yesterday morning 5am. Alarm went off. 530am: on my way to Rotterdam Centraal, and from there to Brussels to get a single-entry, one-month visa for the Congo (I know. Again!? More on this later). Depositing the necessary material is between 9-12pm, and the pick-up is at 430pm. Thus a lot of time in Brussels. Of course I had my laptop with me and the grandiose plan to work. Well that didn't work out at all with me being in a city that I haven't explored a lot yet and the sun shining. So I hired a bike for a day [Genious system btw. They have bikes positioned throughout the city. It costed me $1.60 for a day], and spent a day playing the tourist.

Brussels is a great city.

Brussels' Grote Markt

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