Sunday, February 5, 2012

Random pics 5/6

There is too much to tell and too little time - I'm leaving tomorrow morning again for the field. So hereby a lot of random pictures with brief notes.

Waking up at 6am to go to work is really not that bad when the views are like this.

A good night of rain often transforms a village in a muddy mess; we are prepared.

Comment sava. I am not sure you want to send your children to this school.

At these moments I wish that I had a proper camera and knew how to use it.

In Congo there is something that is called "salongo". This is obligatory public work: villagers working together on constructing a road, etc. This often takes place on saturday morning, and is organized by the chef of the village or one of the chiefs some levels higher. For my disseration I'm very interested in why people cooperate, who cooperates and for what. So, next to surveys and all that, last week I joined the villagers in Luzira for salongo. They were digging holes and collecting stones in the mountains to create places for utility poles - the village wants electricity. This is a picture of the chief of Luzira: with his whistle he lets people know that salongo starts and where it will take place (this was around 7am).

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