Sunday, February 5, 2012

Random pics 2/6

There is too much to tell and too little time - I'm leaving tomorrow morning again for the field. So hereby a lot of random pictures with brief notes.

And the start of another game day. Introducing the team, and explaining to the players what my disseration is about (of course not in such a way that it will influence their behaviour during the games).

Eustache at work.

Desire at work.

And Freddy at work. A super team!

Very interesting. Around 2pm we take some time off to have lunch. Earlier that morning we gave money to the wife of the chief and then she and two or three more women prepare food (often foufou and sambaza - small fish from Lake Kivu) for around twenty to thirty people. As you might know, for our games we try to understand clustering: do some people cooperate more with some than with others - for example, natives versus displaced, one ethnic group versus another, etc. When it comes to eating there clearly is clustering taking place: the group on the far-right are all natives, the four on the left and front-right are displaced people.

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