Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back in Bukavu 7/7. Kanenge -> Bukavu.

After spending a night in Nyabibwe our team split up. Eustache and Desire left for Bukavu, me and Freddy took a motorbike at 630am and left for Minova. Once in Minova we took a public minibus that brought us to Goma. Reason to be in Goma? A meeting regarding Voix des Kivus.

Luckily we left Kanenge the day before our Goma trip. Kanenge is surrounded on three sides by mountains, and on the fourth side by Lake Kivu. So to get to Nyabibwe we had to climb 3 hours up the mountain.

We did have amazing views!

After a good, several-hour meeting regarding Voix des Kivus, it was time to go back to Bukavu. I had tried small speedboats from Goma, and also bigger boats during the day, but I had never tried the big boats that cross Lake Kivu at night. Curiousity of course forced me to try. In brief: fantastic! The person I met in Goma paid for the boattrip and we had comfortable seats (see picture), and even a bed. For the first time in 2 weeks I had a bed for myself (although not the room) and there were no rats running around. Ha! How I slept! The boat left at 17h00 and arrived the next day at 7h00 in Bukavu.

At 7h00 boats come in from the Idjwi (an enormous island in Lake Kivu) with sand to be used for construction in Bukavu.

Our boat - the "Akonkwa 2" - leaves again for Goma.

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