Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back in Bukavu 4/7. Mweha -> Kanenge.

After seven days in our first village (Mweha) we left for Kanenga. A gorgeous 4-hour walk with a view on Lake Kivu.

The chief of Mweha sent two of his villagers with us to carry luggage and equipment. In first instance I wanted to say "thanks chief, but that is not necessary". But after an hour or two I was very grateful.

Descending the mountain with breath-taking views of Lake Kivu. Last week I finished reading Stanley's "How I Found Livingstone". Needless to say there is no way our four hours on easy terrain relate to his months and months in the jungle, but I felt myself a bit of a mini-adventurer. :)

Just a beautiful picture.

And another one.

And what do you write on your door today? FYI: this is the door of a house, not a school.

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