Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2 months != no beard.

As promised in a post at the start of my trip, hereby a picture of me after not having shaved for 2 months. Mmm. Some hairs on my face, but you can't call it a beard. So far for being a real man.

A low quality photo btw. Although I'm leaving, my team continues and had need of my camera (I'm back again in April or May). So this picture - and the previous re the shower - were made with my phone.

Btw, I found a 1.5 years old, quite telling picture in my phone. When launching the Tuungane evaluation Raul and me worked: day & night. Here I had an appointment with the rector of the Universite Officiel du Bukavu and of course I had to wait, which meant: laptop out and work.

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