Thursday, August 11, 2011

Applying for funding?

Research is often expensive and thus many academics apply for grants. The National Science Foundation is the place to get it. In four days (15th of August) the political science funding proposals are due, which made me think about following article. To quote part of it:

"According to the scientists, the electromagnetic science-maker will make atoms move and spin around very quickly, though spectators at the hearing said afterward they could not account for how one could get some atoms to move around faster than other ones if everything is made of atoms anyway. In addition, the scientists said that the device would be several miles in circumference, which puzzled onlookers who had long assumed that atoms were tiny. Despite these apparent inconsistencies, the scientists, in Rep. Gordon's words, appeared "very smart-sounding" and confident that their big spinner would solve some kind of problem they described."

Fig 1. This is a big expensive science-thing.

Now I that I' m taking material from the Onion anyway, please also see the following video:

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