Monday, May 16, 2011

Voix des Kivus @ Ushahidi.

Since the ICCM Conference on Conflict Mapping in Cleveland in 2009 I've been in contact with Patrick Meier; one of the founders of Ushahidi and a Ph.D. Candidate at Tufts. He does some truly incredible work. We recently met each other again in Berlin, and he invited Macartan and me to write a blog post about Voix des Kivus for the Ushahidi Blog.

Of course, we were very willing to do so. You can find the blog post about Voix des Kivus

An informative four-pager with information about Voix des Kivus can be found here.

Fig1. Introducing Voix des Kivus in a
village. Due to the sensitive nature
of the project I never blogged much
about it.

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