Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monkeys in Maniema.

Large parts of Maniema are covered in rainforest. As a result, most villagers do not live from agriculture but from the hunt. With rifles from the Belgian period they hunt especially monkeys which they then eat or sell to the few people that pass by. The latter is important because although these villages are isolated and often days walking from 'bigger cities' they are aware of the existence of, for example, soap and hospitals.

Fig 1. Live from the hunt. Picture: enumerators.

Fig 2. Wanna buy? They recently shot two.

The monkey we bought (in the picture below on our motorbike) costed 7,000 Congolese Francs (around $8). Although, I am quite sure that the villagers increased the price because I am white.

Fig 3. For $8 you have one for evening dinner.

For the ladies that are reading this post. Hereby two more pictures: one of a baby chimpanzee and one of a baby monkey. The difference between a monkey and an ape is that a monkey often has a tale. And a chimpanzee; well they look just different. Each of them could be bought for 1,500 Congolese Francs (around $2). I'm quite sure US Customs will not allow me in though.

Fig 4. Baby chimpanzee?

Fig 5. And a baby monkey. Each $2.

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