Sunday, November 14, 2010

Back. 3/4

With the team in Sud Kivu's territoire of Walungu where we stayed in
in a paroish with nuns (who make amazing liquor from fruit). Important
when using motorbikes is maintenance. On the picture: At 6am in the
morning, before leaving to the next village, the team cleaning and
verifying the motorbikes.

Much time of the teams is spend on obtaining information: socio-
economic indicators, information on displacement and conflict, etc. On
the picture: interview with randomly selected villager.

Every evening the data collected that day has to be checked and
entered into PDAs. On the picture: Late in the evening by candelight
working with the teams.

The teams, including me, sleep most of the time in the villages where we
work: most of
the time in the house of the chief or in another house or
building in the village. On the picture: Beds are a rarity and most of the
times we
sleep on the ground.

Congo is a beautiful country. Plagued by povery and conflict, but
gorgeous. On the picture: The view when waking up early in the
morning. Try to beat that!

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