Sunday, October 17, 2010

The evaluation has started.

After months of preparation here in the Congo, and over one and a half year in New York City with some several-month long trips to the Congo, the evaluation started! Raul had the honor to start with his Haut Katanga team yesterday. I leave tomorrow morning for the field with my Sud Kivu team. It is a very special feeling. After so much work, ups and downs, it is really going to start!

The last two weeks were nuts regarding work. Therefore the absence of posts. Given the absence of internet and for large part phonecoverage in the days and weeks to come, don't expect many posts. If you want to get in contact:
  • Phone with Zain-coverage: +243998399330
  • Phone with Vodacom-coverage: +243810930927
  • Satelite phone (always on from 8-820am and 6-620pm): +8821643340723

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