Monday, September 13, 2010

Object #4.

Warning: object 4 is big. Raul and I had a seminar at the Official University of Bukavu (OUB) last Saturday (see previous post). OUB is since recently at the campus of the Institut Supérieur des Techniques Médicales (ISTM), which is located just a few minutes out of Bukavu, on top of a mountain and with an incredible view over Bukavu and Lake Kivu. ISTM is basically one big building; and a building Congo-style. It was constructed by the Belgians, but has not been maintained or renovated since. Actually, when the Belgians were thrown out of the country in 1960, ISTM was still in the process of constructing the back part of the building. The latter has never been finished.

The front.

The back (the guy standing there is not photoshopped in).

The back part of the university is now university housing. Tilburg and Columbia University, I promise, I will never again complain about your university's housing.

Oeps! Did I leave my pants?

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