Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's great to be a ... PhD Candidate.

Sure, one works a lot. But you can choose your own topic and thus make sure it is all good stuff. In addition, you can work wherever you want - and so we do. We don't work in the IRC office: it's too noisy and there are too many people that want to shake your hand and be social. So, over the last three weeks, we've been working at home from early morning till lunch, and then after lunch we would work in l'Orchid (one of Bukavu's fancy restaurants) until we get kicked out (most of the times around 11pm).

Because we had been working in the Orchid for many days in a row we needed a change of environment. I think they were also happy not to have Raul and me there for a change; two people in student outfits with laptop and paper spread all over the table - probably not the best for a fancy restaurant. So, we went to Centre Amani; a monastry in Bukavu with only Catholic nuns whom we were able to convince that we should spend a day there for thinking. It is beautiful: it's at the tip of one of Bukavu's peninsulas, it has beautiful views, big gardens, and it is quiet with church music quietly in the background. I'm sure we'll be going there more often. It's really great to be a PhD Candidate!

I couldn't decide which picture was better...

... so hereby both.

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