Friday, August 20, 2010

An afternoon on Lake Kivu.

Over the last few days Raul and I have been quite busy, and thus in need of a break. So the day before yesterday we asked two local fisherman whether we could rent their boats, got ourselves some beers, and enjoyed a great afternoon on Lake Kivu with some beautiful views:
Lake Kivu.

Random notes:
  • My hair was cut the day before yesterday by... myself. Because we don't trust Congolese hairdressers (we have muzungu-hair), we bought ourselves a 2-dollar scissor. Result? Well, there is a reason why you don't see me on the pictures above. ;)
  • I miss taking a shower. It is not that I miss the consistent flow of warm water over my body, but normally during those few minutes underneath a shower I have my best ideas. Unfortunately, these days I am too busy throwing water from the bucket over my head to think. Anybody a suggestion?

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday mate!! Hope you are enjoying your time in the DRC.
    Cheers from London.