Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fokke & Sukke.

I saw this comic this morning and liked it because it illustrates well how - in my opinion - many people behave these days (including me). Translated from Dutch: "FOKKE & SUKKE. Actually don't have much money. Fokke: "But I really need it! To... to... to... ipad.""

FYI: Fokke & Sukke is a Dutch comic strip created by writer and illustrator Jean-Marc van Tol, and writers John Reid and Bastiaan Geleijnse. The comics usually feature humor of a politically incorrect nature, and (likely because of this) became very popular in the Netherlands.

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  1. Dear Peter!!Recenty I have returned from NL from Roy and Faten wedding.. I must say that there was a feeling that somebidy was missing from our gang and that somebody was you!! I like to visit people but in this case I am not sure if I go all the way to DRC to see you (maybe you should come to Russian again then-))) But I would be really happy to see you again. Roy mentioned about New York trip n the future.. let's see maybe I can join also depending on the situations. I se you guys like long terms planning - unfortunately I am not good at them at all-)
    take care in Congo! Here in Moscow is +35 for the 3rd week in a row, so maybe its nicer in Congo now))