Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hello from Kigali.

Since earlier this morning I am no longer in the Congo.

The plan was to cross the Congo - Rwanda border at Ruzizi at 9am (taking a bit of extra time because of the state of my passport) and then to take a local bus at 10am to Kigali; something like a six-hour drive.

Early this morning, however, I got a ring from IRC's logistics officer who heard I was going to Kigali and he told me an IRC car was going there as well. I could join.

So, after a great five-hour drive through Rwanda - crossing a national park, learning Swahili words from the driver,* seeing monkeys and talking a lot with the driver about the Great Lakes - I arrived in hotel Beausejour.

At 1am a taxi will pick me up for the airport and I'll be heading to Nairobi, and then to Amsterdam. Although I am looking forward to a Dutch glass of milk, I am also a bit sad to leave the Congo already after one month.

* Shame on me, but I only found out know that the Lion King's "Hakuna matata" is Swahili for "No worries".

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