Friday, July 17, 2009

From good to bad day.

Up to 5pm the day went well: We hired and trained the “Voix des Kivus” Field Coordinator. We prepared the cellphones we bought and got our specialized software up and running for that same project. We hired Junior to get data from the 2007 baseline survey hardcopies into the computer. We got 3,000 surveys from the attic to our office. We got a car, a driver and did all the related paperwork. And we did a ziljon other things. Then, around 5pm, we heard that our ECHO flight for this Monday is canceled. There were too few people for the plane. Unfortunately, there are no replacing flights (e.g. MONUC or UNHAS). The next flight is… next week, which is too late for us.

As promised some final pictures from L'shi and our trip back to Bukavu. First, some pictures from us (especially Peter) trying to be cool. Again, made in Moba Airport; a magical place:

Then some more artistic pictures; Simon made these with his camera. The big copper mountain in Lubumbashi:

Almost evening in Lubumbashi:

Moba Airport:


  1. There's always the commercial flight option. I've done it; it's a little terrifying, but you'll have good war stories from the experience. Good luck!

  2. Thanks. The IRC, unfortunately, doesn't allow us. Great blog btw; have been following it since a few months.