Sunday, July 5, 2009

Field trip to Walungu.

Yesterday Simon and I returned from being two days in the territoire Wulungu. More specifically, on Thursday to a village called Burhuba. Vincent and Usseni were going to pilot the final survey questions, we were going to talk with villages. One final test-run in the church before entering the village (left to right: Usseni and Vincent):

In Burhuba TUUNGANE is building a school:
Simon in action. Talking with the villagers:

The territoire Walungu is known for it's tea:
From Burhuba there is one mountain that absolutely rocks. It has one tree on top:
After we finished our focus groups (talking with men, women, children), we had to wait for a while for Vincent and Usseni to return. In the meantime I kicked some Congolese football-ass:
We stayed over in the church and the next day we went to the village Ikumbana. Simon working (that white guy in the middle with a laptop):

These are the balls used by the children (made out of plastic bags):

On our way back to Bukavu. After a great two days. The best team ever:

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