Monday, June 29, 2009

PICS: Second field trip.

Some final pictures. Let's start with construction. This bar was right opposite our hotel in Buyakiri. At the place where the terrace was the - must be very optimistic - constructor is now building a wooden frame for a to-be building with three stories:I want the room in the front of the building, please:
The main road in Buyakiri:
Kids in Mybano:
A kid in Buyakiri:
Taking a break in Mybano, thinking about dissertation topic:
Another shopping street (a town close to Buyakiri):
Amazing views:
In DR Congo (as in many parts of the world) it are the women who do the heavy lifting. In the last few days we have seen literally hundreds of them:
Once in a while, we had to cross some not-very-trustworthy bridges:
And once in a while some big chunks of road were washed away during the rainy season (the approaching car is MSF-Spain):
As always in the Congo: breath-taking views everywhere. This one is taken from the hospital on Saturday evening:

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