Thursday, June 11, 2009

PICS: Back from our first few days in the field.

The DR Congo is beautiful and the views are breath-taking. These photos certainly don't represent what we saw, certainly not in this small file-format (internet is extremely slow):

Our car. Remember: this is the national road in the DR Congo (and the best parts of it):

Us, the projects and a lot of villagers:

A truck got stuck. The ICRC drove around it Rambo-style. Those doctors these days:

Joseph and us. I know; but it was 730am, we were awake for maybe 4 minutes and hadn't had breakfast yet:


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  2. Hey Peter!

    Cool that you're updating the blog regularly. You seem to have a great experience again and the pictures/stories confirm that ;)

    The N2 looks like the absolute worst part of the Mozambique.

    Good luck!