Saturday, June 6, 2009

Introducing Simon

As you may have noticed I have used the word “we” quite a few times in previous posts. I am here together with friend and fellow PhD-student from Columbia University Simon Collard-Wexler. Simon is Canadian, American and French; I know, that much be horrible for him, but one is born with it and we just should not tease him too much with it. He is way too smart, interested in international relations (for the laymen among us: big bombs. Indeed what is he doing in the DRC?), and looks like a CIA operative (he keeps on saying he is not making things only more suspicious). He works for the Canadian Foreign Service (they pay his PhD at Columbia) and Simon has – in contrast to me – already spend time in war zones; Afghanistan, Haiti, and Lebanon. I just changed things in such a way so that we can do this blog together – much more fun.


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