Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Find our house on Google Maps.

You want to see our house? You want to see the IRC compound? For the first, please type in:

-2.493674 28.879304

A green arrow will be placed right on top of our house. Interestingly, Google Maps says we live on Avenue Chantal. We didn’t know that. We haven’t seen a road sign yet. Also, please do not think you can send us a postcard now. We don’t know what number our house has. Also, our neighbors across the street (a fantastic Warchild – UNICEF couple) gets an electricity bill with one street name on it, a security company bill with another streetname on it, and a tv-bill with yet another name on it. In addition, if you go a little bit north on the peninsula you see the MONUC base for Sud Kivu.

To find the IRC compound, please type in:

-2.496849 28.888003

There is even a panorama picture; it seems that the compound used to be a school. We can’t open the picture here (internet is too slow), but I think if you add barbed wire and a watchtower, it should be about right.

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